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I am a born and raised Cheesehead from Wisconsin who is VERY passionate about interpreting the great and vast history of our Badger State and the communities within it. Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not passionate about other areas of history (someday I would very dearly love to spend some time across the border in Central Illinois, exploring in great detail the places where Lincoln lived and walked), I just put my home state first. Also very much in touch with my farming heritage (grew up on a bona fide Wisconsin dairy farm) as well as having a great love of the outdoors and it's beauty.

What I am looking for

Someone from Wisconsin who is of a like mind to mine in regard to history, who doesn't mind spending afternoons visiting out of the way local historical sites and museums, poking around out in the brush someplace for something that once was such as the remains of an old building, etc.going through cemeteries read the stones and the dates or that would be just as passionate as me researching through the archives someplace to find out more about something. Someone that would want to be with me in being active with the local historical society of whatever community you reside in and share in my passion of wanting to pass the knowledge and love of history on to future generations.